About the blog

Calling all generalists, explorers, and jack-of-all-trades!

Curious about a lot of things?
Haven’t quite found that ‘passion’ to sustain your curiosity for one area?
Possess broad knowledge/talents but wouldn’t consider yourself an expert of one?

The Jolly Generalist is a place to explore and discover the creative worlds of art, history, travel, business and personal development from a broad perspective.  


Consider an ocean.

Imagine each drop of water is a speck of information waiting to be soaked up. The flora and fauna sustaining the ocean make up the environment that the information is stored.

Some may find a spot in the ocean they like best and dive deep into the confines of that space, taking in just the drops localized to that area and becoming an expert in the details of the surrounding habitat. You could ask this person any question on that spot and they would be able to provide an answer. This is our specialist.

Now imagine that same ocean but with a different type of person ready to wade in and start exploring. Instead of focusing their time and effort on one part of the ocean, they want to see it all and soak up as much as possible. This person skims the surface, taking in the beauty as they move and continue on to the next spot ready to discover more. If you ask this person for details on something they saw a few hundred meters back they might remember it, but they likely won’t be able to recite every detail. This is our generalist.

Neither the specialist nor generalist is of higher value to the other, both just happen to see the world in a different way and their knowledge and experiences are reflected in those differences. To be both a generalist and specialist is ideal as it encourages both the valued expertise in a specific area while avoiding pigeonholing oneself into a niche position.

While specialists have several options to learn about their disciplines through tailored blogs, generalists often hop around learning little bits and pieces of information here and there through different mediums. This blog is a collection of those little bits and pieces in one spot for the generalist – or as JG calls them, JollyGens.

Enjoy skimming JollyGens and hope you discover something new today!