About The Jolly Generalist

Welcome fellow JollyGens!

I started this blog as a way to collect, consolidate and log all the things in this broad and beautiful world that I find interesting.

Growing up, I was always good at a lot of things but never really excelled in one area. I always worried that I wouldn’t “find my passion” and forever live searching for my purpose like a kid lost in a supermarket. Several personality tests later and my results still came up “generalist.” Eventually, through the process of elimination and some personal and academic exploration, I found myself in the creative world of marketing and on the path to figuring out my “thing.” The catch – my position covers several areas under the marketing umbrella, so alas I am still searching. Perhaps I will always be searching. But isn’t that half the fun of being a generalist, learning about new concepts and ideas and figuring it out along the way?

If you are like me and a generalist at heart, I hope you find this blog appeals to your inner curious nature.

– JG