Why Everyone Should Read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

For the thoughtful generalist. Happy reading, JollyGens!

A few months ago I set out on a journey of self-improvement. While I am always looking for ways to grow and learn, I found myself at a point where I wanted to be my best version and that meant looking deep inside to figure out who that was. Courses, discussions, and exploration in a variety of situations opened my eyes to endless opportunity and potential but one thing, in particular, has always stuck out – Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Introduced to it by my dad, I looked forward to reading it as I knew it was a classic for all ages. My dad noted it as being one of, if not the most, influential book that he’d read in his life. Thinking “now that’s a big statement…” I had my expectations set high. As I started getting into it, I really began to understand why.

Stephen Covey so graceful and modestly takes simple concepts and interconnects them together in a way that makes so much sense. Written almost 30 years ago, it still applies to today as much as it did back then. By breaking it down into 7 habits that build upon one another, it’s easy to understand the incredible impact working on your character, rather than your personality, can have. The habits are by no means simple or quick fixes but rather well-constructed guidelines to follow as you put in the work towards self-improvement.

Even before finishing the book, I was raving about how influential it was to friends. After completing it, I wanted to make sure as many people knew about it as possible. If you want to learn more about the book and reasons to read it, check out some of the links below:






How to Properly Care for Your Succulents

For the generalist with a green-thumb. Plant away, JollyGens!

Over the last several years as my level of responsibility has grown – living on my own, taking care of myself and my space – so has my desire to take that next step to become responsible for the life of another. You may be thinking a dog or cat, or perhaps even a child, is where my thoughts are leading. No, the other life I’ve invited into my life is a plant. Several plants actually. One large fig plant and several small succulents.

While I love the green life it adds to my space, I have never really considered myself to have a green-thumb. It could be the generalist in me, pulled away by something else more interesting or necessary at the time, but I have a hard time keeping track of things like when I’ve last watered my plants. Are they getting enough water? Too much? Do they need light? What temperature and container should they be in? All of these questions have lead me to come up with a few tips and tricks to help properly care for my plants.

Below are five helpful hints for taking care of succulents:
    1. Light

      Succulents generally need at least 6 hours of light per day. Pay attention to the season and direction you face, as keeping the succulents in your window sill all day may end up drying them out. Ideally though the more sunlight they are able to get the better as not enough sunlight may affect its chances of survival.

    2. Water

      While succulents are easier plants to care for as they don’t require regular attention, they still do need water. But don’t overwater. Unlike other plants that typically need watering daily, succulents require more water less frequently. Try taking your succulent and placing it in a cup of water for half an hour once a week.

    3. Temperature

      Succulents don’t seem to be too picky towards temperature. Typically they like to be a bit warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter. By keeping them near the window in a moderate room this should satisfy the seasonal swing.

    4. Container

      Like you and me, succulents don’t like to sit in a soggy environment. For this reason, their best home is in a container that has the ability to drain. Glass containers, while beautiful, may not be the best to store your succulents. If you’re like me and have a terrarium for your succulents, remove the succulent and place it in a cup of water to hydrate for a short amount time before placing back to air out.

    5. Schedule

      Try keeping a schedule of when you’ve last watered your succulents. Put a reminder in your phone or a note on the fridge once a week to keep you in check. A friend of mine told me their trick which is “Watering Wednesday’s” which I’ve now adopted.